Christian Dior bag

Christian Dior handbag. in the fashion style kingdom of Paris, fashion designer Christian Dior will forever be known as the reigning king. Parisian fashion guru Christian Dior completely revolutionized fashion trends with the introduction of the "New Look" collection in 1947. His style ideas of mid-calf length and small-waisted full skirts, narrow shoulders, and an overtly emphasized bust not only reassured Paris' place at the top of the fashion industry, but also influenced the designs of future fashion moguls. The premium level of quality and style associated with the Christian Dior name continues to this day under the designs of John Galliano. Nothing says haute couture like an authentic Christian Dior handbags, purse, wallet, or other women's accessories. Dior Handbag is well known for the heavy leather, chunky accessories, and paddlocks with come in different model