Balenciaga Bags

The Balenciaga Bag. Possibly one of the most perfectly designed bags in the history of handbags. With a double handle as well as a strap for carrying it however you choose, it comes in virtually every color of the rainbow, multiple sizes, and best of all, it's made in a distressed leather that will just look just as good, if not better, when you are still trotting this bag out 10 or 20 years from now. The tassels, buckles, and ropish look of the handles give it a little bit of an edge, and I'm still coveting the pewter from 2005. This bag is favored by Hollywood stars who like boho chic, like Nicole Ritchie, Sienna Miller. Nicole Ritchie can do no wrong in my book. She's stylish, youthful,sophisticated, classic, trendy. You name it, and she's been it. She tries all the latest trends, but sticks with what she loves best. She's been photographed countless times carrying various Balenciaga Motorcycle styles. She seems to prefer this Black Motorcycle City bag the most. I can't blame her. It's the signature Balenciaga  style and  color. What I love most about this bag is its' leather. There is simply no other comparable handbag leather out there (with all due respect to Chanel, Hermes, yadda yadda...). These bags are trendy yet classic. For those that claim Balenciaga handbags are "out", I say "Not on your life". Quality never goes out of style. Period. Ms. Ritchie knows this as much as I do. our high designer bags are are different from other replica Balenciaga handbags or fake Balenciaga bags. please look through our catalogue and find the best price on Balenciaga bags!